Review: Anna Dressed In Blood (Anna #1)

Review: Anna Dressed In Blood (Anna #1)

Okay, first of all I have to tell you that I was a bit disappointed with this book. I had hoped it would be a really creepy, scary story, that I would have to sleep with the lights on – as the text on the back of the book says – but it was actually not that scary. Honestly, I felt like I was reading an average YA novel, other than the fact that the main character was a boy and Anna a murderous ghost. Okay, there were some parts where I was freaking out, like the part where they first meet Anna, and a part somewhere close to the end of the book.

Even though it wasn’t really scary, I found it a nice book to read; the writing was good, and I really liked all the characters (apart from the ‘Trojan Army’ as Thomas called them). I liked Cas, I liked Anna, I liked Cas’ mum (and her cat), Thomas and his granddad, Carmel (though I kept on reading Caramel), yes they were good characters.

I found myself comparing this book to the show Supernatural a lot, because the first chapter of the book (in which Cas ‘kills’ the ghost of a hitchhiker) reminded me a bit of the first episode (it wasn’t completely the same, but it both included a hitchhiker (sort of) and a bridge). The fact that the main character’s name was Cas (I had hoped it would be Castiel, but alas), and the fact that he hunts and kills ghost for a living, like his dad used to do (you know, the family business), yeah, a bit like Supernatural. Not saying it’s a bad thing, in fact, it made me like the book a lot more!

Personally, I felt like the romance thing [spoiler]between Cas and Anna, in case that wasn’t obvious yet [/spoiler] wasn’t really necessary, but that’s just because I am not really a big fan of romance (I like it, sometimes, and I do ‘ship’ people a lot, but sometimes I just wish that there weren’t that much (YA) romance novels in the world).

In the end, I found Anna Dressed In Blood a very good story, and I am certainly going to read the second book!

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