Review: High Witch (High Witch #1)

Review: High Witch (High Witch #1)

A couple of days ago, I found out that I had won the eBook ‘Witch Emerging’ by Mona Hanna. In the email, it said that it was the second book in the series, and that I could download the first book ‘High Witch’ for free from Smashwords. And so I did.

High Witch is a novella of approximately 82 pages, and revolves around Ariel and Brayden, and their battle against the bad Julius and his Nadia. Of course, since it’s only 82 pages, I expected nothing much to happen but I was quite surprised. Because a lot happened in this book.

I am going to start with the insta-love between the two main characters; Ariel and Brayden. They only met like two days before, and they’re already so in love with each other; enough to have sex (and they have that quite a lot in this book actually). Then, after only two weeks, Brayden wants to marry her. And they do eventually after four months, and on their wedding day Ariel tells him that she’s pregnant.

I’m not a big fan of romance in books, especially not if the characters seem to fall in love with each other right from the first moment they met. But this was just a bit weird, in my opinion. That is the reason that I didn’t like this book that much, because most of it was just them kissing, them having sex, and them telling each other how much they loved each other. Oh, and there’s also a bit of magic in it.

I liked the magic, because I am just a big fan of magic, so that was a plus. But other than that, I didn’t really enjoy this novella. I hope the second book is a bit more enjoyable (it’s about 125 pages, so that’s a plus)! I do love the cover though, it give me a magical feeling!

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