Review: The Battle of the Five Armies (The Hobbit #3)

Review: The Battle of the Five Armies (The Hobbit #3)


Warning: It’s best not to read this review if you haven’t seen the movie yet!

Two years ago, the first Hobbit movie was released. It was amazing and I couldn’t wait to see the second movie. Then, not long after that it was announded that they’d split the second movie into two movies, so we’d have three Hobbit movies in total. The movies were named “An Unexpected Journey”, “The Desolation of Smaug” and “There and Back Again”. Somewhere this year, they announced that they’d renamed the third movie to “The Battle of the Five Armies” which I personally didn’t really like. But hey, I went along with it, and on the 10th of December I got to see the movie. I have to admit, this was the movie I was looking forward the least, because I’d read the book and I knew what was going to happen, and I knew Peter Jackson would make the battle even more epic than it was in the book. And this is most likely going to be the last ever Middle Earth movie I will be able to see.

Like always, we went to a marathon, so we saw the first two movies before we’d see the third one, and I just have to say I was a wreck before the movie even started. The first scene was beautiful though, and I thought it was the PERFECT opening for this movie. There were some sad moments, and some very funny moments which made me cry and laugh at the same time. In fact, they had moments like these all over the move, and I kind of hated that because I hate laughing while I’m trying to be really sad.

Anyway, the movie was about two-and-a-half hours long I believe, way too short for a Peter Jackson/Middle Earth film imo (I am used to three-hour long films, or even longer), but actually on the other side I was totally fine with it being a short movie. The main event in this movie was, of course, the Battle of Five Armies (without the second the), and yeah when that battle started I just got so anxious. I have to say I loved seeing those armies fight; the elves, the men, the dwarves (I LOVED DAIN OMG!), the orcs (okay I HATED the orcs) and the eagles (who brought a little surprise with them, and that actually made me sob).

Of course, with a battle going on and all, there were some casualties. I won’t tell you who, but let’s just say those were the moments I cried the hardest. [spoiler]There is one death I wanted to talk about. Fili’s. Fili is my favourite of the Durins, and he is the heir to the throne after Thorin. But his death scene was so abrupt and so awful that I couldn’t stop crying. I was shaking, couldn’t breathe and above all very VERY angry.[/spoiler]

I can’t really talk about much stuff in this movie without giving away major spoilers, so I’m just going to talk about the locations and the special effects; because yeah I just love all those special effects, and Dale just looked both awful and beautiful at the same time (I mean for a ruin). And New Zealand is just the perfect country to film these movies in, because the locations were so incredibly beautiful! Sometimes you just can’t believe that that location really exists! There was one particular scene, in Dol Guldur which was just AMAZING but also incredibly frightening. Let’s just say that if you don’t like movies with little Japanese girls being all creepy (the grudge, the ring, etc), it’s best to keep your eyes shut during this scene.

There were some (minor) changes in this movie that kind of made me a bit pissed off, but some other changes were kind of nice. I am going to hope that some of the not so nice things will be made better with the Extended Edition but I am not that hopeful actually. (Yes I disliked it so much that I gave it four stars instead of the five stars I wanted to give). [spoiler]Let’s just say that though I liked Tauriel in DoS, I do not like her that much anymore after this movie. It’s not her fault, more the fault of the people who made the movie, but UGH.[/spoiler]

Anyway, in the end, I really liked the Battle of the Five Armies, even though I probably spent the entire movie crying my eyes out. I am not sure when I am going to see it again, but I think it’s going to be Deathly Hallows Part 2 all over again, where I’ll probably only watch this movie about five times or so.

My opinion on this movie in one gif:


(okay saw this gifset and it just fit my feelings for this movie perfectly so four gifs instead of one)

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