Review: The Jungle Book (2016)

Review: The Jungle Book (2016)

Years ago, I used to love the movie The Jungle Book. I watched it a lot of times (along with almost every other Disney movie we had on VHS at the time), sang along with all the songs and I wanted to have my own Baloo (I did get a polar bear plush but his name was Bram so that was close enough). Years later, I finally watched this movie in English, and around the same time I found out they were going to make a live action verison of the movie. (Or well, there would be a real boy used as Mowgli, and of course the rest would be CGI). On 14 April I went to see this movie with my friend, and gods I loved it so much!

If you’re not a fan of CGI movies, this movie probably ain’t your thing – because this movie is almost completely CGI’d. The only real thing as far as I know is Mowgli, played by Neel Sethi [spoiler] and his father was played by a real person[/spoiler] but other than that, the rest of the cast was all CGI’d into the movie. Which is of course very obvious seeing as the rest of the characters were all (dangerous) animals. I personally loved it, because I just love CGI and I love how real they can make everything look. I mean I hardly noticed the animals were not real in this movie, they just looked so amazing!

This reboot follows the same storyline as the original movie, of course, but it’d told from different perspectives. While in the old movie you followed Mowgli from beginning to end, in this movie we see what happens with the wolves in between Mowgli’s scenes, and I really liked that. [spoiler]Even though it was a bit sad, to see the alpha wolf (whose name I have forgotten, forgive me) getting killed because Mowgli left, and then Mowgli finding out thanks to Louie and ugh[/spoiler]

[spoiler]The only difference with this movie and the old one was that the reboot ended differently. The 1967 version ended with Mowgli going to the man-village and I guess getting accepted there. This new movie ended with Mowgli staying in the jungle, partly I guess because Shere Kahn got killed instead of chased away. I liked this new ending better because Mowgli got to stay with his real family![/spoiler]

Everyone is familar with the songs from the old movie, of course, and I honestly love them as well. But I hadn’t expected them to pop up in this movie. In the credits, yes, but not in the actual movie. While I enjoyed one of the songs being sung, the other felt really out of place and I just didn’t like it at all. I guess this was the only part about this movie that I didn’t like. (That and the fact that the IDIOT next to me was looking at his phone the entire time, but that’s got nothing to do with the movie).

So yeah, I think Disney did a great job with rebooting The Jungle Book and I loved this version to bits. I may even love it more than the original because I love this ending a lot better. I believe there’s going to be a sequel already, though it’s still a rumour I guess because they have to see how well this one will go, but I think and hope that it’ll go so well they’ll say yes to a sequel!

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