Review: Percy Jackson’s Greek Heroes (PJO Companion Books #2)

Review: Percy Jackson’s Greek Heroes (PJO Companion Books #2)

Just like with Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods, this book tells the story of the most well known Greek Heroes as if it was written down by Rick Riordan’s most famous character himself. As I enjoyed the previous companion novel so much, I decided I was definitely going to pick up this book as well. So I pre-ordered the paperback that matched my other Riordan books and immediately started it upon receiving it.

In this book you’ll read about the most well known Greek Heroes such as Otrera, Atalanta, Bellerophon and Cyrene. And also about a couple of lesser known Heroes such as Perseus, Hercules and Jason, you know – I don’t blame you if you don’t know these three! 😉 (To be honest, those three were the only ones whose names sounder familiar to me, though the stories of the other were familiar too, just not their names).

This book is written as if it were actually written by Percy Jackson (wait, what am I saying, it is written by Percy because he’s totally real, right?) and honestly this is what made me enjoy this book and the Greek Gods one so much. Because I already know most of these stories very well (okay a lot of the heroes described in this book were completely new to me, though some of their stories sounded familiar shh), but the way Rick/Percy wrote them were just hilarious, with all kinds of references to modern things such as phones, iTunes and stuff. My favourite part was when Hercules was about to fight the Hydra, I had been anticipating a Captain America or at least a Marvel reference for that – and lo and behold, it was there!

‘It is a Hydra.’ ‘A what now?’ Hercules thought he might have heard that name in a Captain America movie.

I honestly would have loved this book even more if I had gone for the illustrated editions, but they were rather large and more expensive, so I had to go for the mortal editions without pictures, oh well, maybe in the future! This book was entertaining enough without the pictures, though, so I didn’t really miss out that much.

Like with the previous book, this is a good way of reading more about the Greek mythologies without having to read all those boring old books that will take you a thousand lifetimes to read. So if you’re looking for a way to read about Greek mythology in a fun and easy way, definitely pick up both Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods ánd this book, Percy Jackson’s Greek Heroes!

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2 thoughts on “Review: Percy Jackson’s Greek Heroes (PJO Companion Books #2)

  1. This book seems really interesting and fun to read, however I usually have a really hard time reading Greek names. For example Bellerophon which you mentioned in the review, I had to read like 5 times. Are there a lot of different difficult names like that in the book? (I wouldn’t be surprised if there are, obviously).


    1. There is a lot of name throwing going on in this book yeah, but I personally just skipped over the ones that weren’t important to the story so I can’t really comment on how difficult they are to be honest.. Then again most old Greek names are quite dificult (to spell/pronounce, though ‘Percy’ tries his best to tell you how to pronounce some of them) so yeah…


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