Review: Logan

Review: Logan

I’ll be honest with you – I was not looking forward to this movie at all. The previous two Wolverine movies were such let-downs, and I was even less excited when I found out this would be Hugh’s last performance as the character. I really just wanted this movie to be good because I wanted Hugh to have the Wolverine movie he deserved. Now that I have seen the movie, twice I must add, I can officially say Logan is a worthy goodbye for the actor who has given seventeen years of his life to this franchise.

Oh gods, can we just pretend this is the only Wolverine movie in existence? Yes? Good. Because, this movie, this movie is amazing. Honestly, from the moment the first trailers arrived, I felt this movie was going to erase those previous two flops. Tanja and I were lucky enough to get tickets to a screening at the Berlin Film Festival two weeks ago, and we went to see it again a couple of days ago just because it was that great.

Wolverine has always been one of my favourite characters in the X-Men franchise and over the years that has not changed one bit. And for me, Hugh just is Logan, so I definitely thought it would be weird to not see him playing the character in upcoming movies. I loved his performance in this movie, and I loved Patrick Stewart’s performance as well (who would also be performing Charles for the last time ever). I don’t know how I feel about Caliban, though, because this character in this movie felt so different from X-Men Apocalypse (possibly due to it being two different actors). But for me, the person who completely stole the show was Dafne Keen who played Laura (aka X-23, Wolverine’s clone). [spoiler]In this movie they had actually made her his daughter, which I loved even more. It did make those last couple of scenes so so heartbreaking.[/spoiler]

I guess partly due to the success of Deadpool (though not the sole reason) Logan was R-rated, which allowed for the characters to curse and much much more. Because of this, the interaction between Logan and Charles felt much more genuine and with the usual dose of Marvel humour added it made the characters feel more real. The only thing I didn’t like was how some characters spoke Spanish, and those parts were just not translated/subtitled at all. The X-Men movies have had this ‘problem’ for years now (I think since First Class), it still annoys me so much.

Before I start rambling/spoiling the movie, I just want to say that Logan is definitely my favourite Wolverine movie. I can’t say it’s my favourite superhero movie, though, because it did not at all feel like a superhero movie to me. It felt more like a dystopia or a western movie which happened to have Mutants in them. Absolutely not a bad thing, but I kind of wished it had been more superhero-y, I guess? [spoiler]What was also amazing, though not necessarily a spoiler (just in case though) was that they finally made a separate X-Men Marvel logo to show at the beginning. You know they have this Marvel logo they show before the movie starts that has comic pictures, well they finally made one with X-Men comics for this franchise, yay![/spoiler]

If you’re wary about the movie because of the previous two flops, don’t be, honestly. The first minute of this movie is already so much better than Origins and The Wolverine combined. Though the latter and Logan share a director (James Mangold), he definitely stepped up his game and delivered a movie worthy of the Wolverine title.

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