Review: Beauty and the Beast (2017)

Review: Beauty and the Beast (2017)

A couple of years ago, Disney started remaking some of their classic movies into live action versions. There were rumours already that they were planning on doing Beauty and the Beast as well, with Emma Watson as Belle. But the news never came, until suddenly it was officially announced that they were doing BATB and they did cast Emma as the main character. All of a sudden we had trailers, pictures and then the movie was there.

Beauty and the Beast tells the story of a prince who had been cursed by a witch to look like a hideous beast. The only way to break the curse was if he could find someone, love them and get their love in return. One day, a man trespasses into the castle, and the Beast takes him prisoner. The man’s daughter, Belle, trades her freedom for her father’s and the staff realises she may be the one who could break the spell.

My sisters and I loved this movie so much when we were kids. We watched the original one to infinity, and my younger sister even owned her own Belle dress (much to my jealousy). When this remake was announced, I was both thrilled and a little scared. Until the cast announcements came, and I suddenly felt like this could be an incredible movie. The first trailers promised something great, though I was reluctant to listen to any of the songs (especially because the soundtrack was released a little before the movie came out), partly because I also wanted to be surprised.

Wow. Just, wow. I loved this movie. I was obviously nervous because I was afraid I wasn’t going to love this remake, even with the amazing cast and the same story I loved when I was a kid; but this live action version was incredible. In fact, I have to admit I may love it more than the original. They added some extra scenes, a couple of extra songs and just made it an even better movie overall.

The cast was just so amazing, I loved every one of them. From Emma Watson as Belle to Luke Evans as Gaston, they were all perfectly cast and played their roles so amazingly. For the songs, I was a little bit nervous because I had only ever heard Luke Evans sing (live, at HobbitCon swoons) so I knew he would be amazing, but I had no idea how the rest of the cast sounded. Let me tell you, they were all great. [spoiler]Yes, even Emma whose singing apparently was ‘heavily’ altered. During the first song it sounded a bit strange, but later on in the movie she started sounding better and better.[/spoiler]

Like I said, they added a couple of extra scenes, to make the movie a half hour longer, and I think they made the right choice. There was one scene in particular that added so much to the backstory of Belle and her father, and I am happy that they put it in the movie. [spoiler]We finally found out what happened to Belle’s mother, which was heartbreaking but so realistic for that time-period.[/spoiler] The best part about this movie was that they made LeFou gay, which honestly I already thought after re-watching the movie a while back (I mean come on), but now it’s ‘canon’.

So yes, the live action remake of Beauty and the Beast was an amazing success, and I will certainly re-watch this movie to infinity, buy it on DVD and show it to my children… err… cats when I’m older.

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