Review: The One Memory of Flora Banks

Review: The One Memory of Flora Banks

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This has not changed my opinion in any way.

A while ago, I started hearing a lot of things about a book called The One Memory of Flora Banks, and the title surely stayed in my head for a while. When I saw it available for request, I decided to go ahead and request it. I thought it would be a cool mystery book, and I decided not to read the synopsis before diving into this book.

The One Memory of Flora Banks is about Flora, who has been unable to make new memories since the age of ten. Every day, she has to be reminded of who she is, where she is and who she’s with. Then, she kisses a boy… and she remembers it.

As I had said, I had expected this to be a kind of mystery book. I hadn’t looked at the genres on Goodreads before picking up, but from the prologue, it had seemed like a thrilling book. I was wrong. As I continued reading, I realised it was more of a contemporary book, though near the ending I was beginning to doubt it again. Confused? Yeah, so was I.

I honestly feel bad at admitting this, but at some points, I was just really annoyed by Flora’s behaviour. Sure, there’s nothing she can do about the fact that she’s ill, but her whole obsession with Drake was just so sad. She felt like he was the person who could solve all her problems and her illness by kissing her again. The moment she arrives in Svalbard, where Drake is going to university, however, she not only finds out a couple of things about Drake but also discovers a lot about herself.

Characterwise, I don’t particularly like Flora, but I can’t say I hate her either. Her parents were keeping secrets from her, her best friend, Paige, dumped her after she admitted to kissing Paige’s boyfriend, and above all, her brother (whom she can hardly remember) is very ill, possibly dying. And because of that, her parents decide to leave her alone for a week. What kind of parents are they? [spoiler]I honestly wished her brother hadn’t died, because I wanted Flora to be reunited with him at the end, but alas we can’t have everything I guess.[/spoiler] The people Flora met in Svalbard were really nice, and I liked them very much.

The writing was good, and I literally flew through this book. Even with the repeats throughout the book, which were of course due to Flora’s illness, I thought it was a very good book. It’s just that the story didn’t grip me as much as I had hoped it would. The ending, however, was a proper rollercoaster ride that I enjoyed very much. And I do think the book ended a bit too abruptly, I wish there’d been a couple more pages to just end the story better.

In the end, The One Memory of Flora Banks was a good book, just not really my kind of thing. I thought the book. If you love contemporary books, I definitely recommend this one to you. If you’re looking for a nice mystery or thriller, I’d skip this book if I were you!

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One thought on “Review: The One Memory of Flora Banks

  1. I’m sorry this didn’t work out the way you expected. :/ I also would’ve thought the author would’ve went the mystery/thriller route! It honestly sounds like a book that would annoy me too. I’m glad you were still able to enjoy it though!

    Tracy @ Cornerfolds


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