Review: Ten – Murder Island

Review: Ten – Murder Island

Back in 2013, I read a book called Ten by Gretchen McNeil. A story based on a murder mystery by Agatha Christie, which I had never read (but I do still want to). I was very intrigued by the story and ended up giving Ten a high rating. Somewhere this year, I found out they were planning on adapting this book into a movie. I didn’t hear much of it until the movie came out in September, but I decided I was going to watch it a couple of days ago.

Ten – Murder Island tells the story of ten teenagers, who are invited to a party on a remote island. Upon their arrival, however, they find out their host is MIA and there’s a storm coming. The teenagers make themselves at home in the large house, but over the weekend they find themselves the target of a sadistic killer. Someone they believed had killed herself months before.

As I said, I enjoyed the book (which I reviewed here) and was very much looking forward to seeing the movie. I had kind of wanted to reread the book before seeing the movie, in order to refresh my memory, but I also didn’t want to compare the two, so I ended up not doing that. I found while watching the movie that I still remembered a lot from the book, just not all of the details. And because of the movie, I remembered more details, so I can say the movie was very true to the book.

The murders were all almost exactly the same as I could remember, and the story progressed very similarly. Of course with the movie being only an hour and a half long, a lot of the details weren’t in the movie, and I personally didn’t mind. I liked the murder mystery aspect of the story the best, and I didn’t care much about the backstory, to be honest. (Except for the murderer’s backstory of course). One thing I didn’t love about the movie was that it all felt a bit ‘fake’.

Though I don’t doubt the actors did their best, sometimes the acting was a bit too dramatic and too fake. Often I felt more like I was watching a dramatic soap episode instead of a murder mystery story (one of the characters actually said ‘Before The Bold and the Beautiful comes back from its commercial break…’ at some point). I do like that they used relatively unknown actors (to me, at least) instead of trying to make as much money and casting super famous actors or something. But yeah, overall it wasn’t an amazing movie, even though it was a faithful adaptation.

In the end, I enjoyed Ten – Murder Island, and I definitely felt like rereading the book – so much even that I’ve actually picked it up and reread the first chapter. Not sure if I’m going to continue, as I still have a lot of books on my TBR, but maybe I’ll give it a try on Halloween!

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