2020 Goals

2020 Goals

A couple of days into the new year, I told myself I wouldn’t make a post about my goals for the new year. But then I started thinking about things I wanted to do and my mind automatically made it into a goals list. So here I am, making my 2020 Goals list after all. Hopefully, these lowkey goals will actually be accomplished this year. (But probably not because I am me).

  1. Read 100 books – Well this is the most obvious one, I want to read 100 books again this year. Last year I accomplished that pretty easily with my comics goal as well (which I failed btw) and I do think that this year will be just as easy (though probably not as quick as I did last year, which I believe was in March already).
  2. Read more books off my shelves rather than new books – Meaning I want to bring down my TBR number. It’s currently at around 450 unread books, both physical and ebooks, and that is just a lot. So I am going to really work on bringing down that number, by also not buying too many books (hahaha).
  3. Keep to my TBR every month – I want to make a set TBR of five books each month, with the help of a TBR wheel. Other than that, I can read any book I want each month, as long as I read those five books. I’m going to allow myself to continue a book in another month if I’m not feeling it, but I really just want to read those books I pick. Because I keep on setting up TBRs and reading none of the books.
  4. Finish more series – And by that I mean series that have concluded and series I am in the middle of. I have so many series on my shelves that have concluded that I still need to read the last book or the last two books of and I am so done with that. 2020 is the year of finishing series!
  5. Pick up audiobooks again – I was doing so well last year, listening to more audiobooks, but at some point, I stopped. I don’t know what happened, but audiobooks are a thing I really want to pick up again this year. I have since started the audiobook for The Starless Sea, so I hope I can keep it up!
Other Goals (TV, blog, personal)
  1. Watch more TV shows – I know I had this goal last year and it kind of went alright, I watched three whole seasons of Stranger Things and some seasons of other shows, but I want to continue this in 2020 because I’m getting terrible again.
  2. Let Netflix/Disney+ Recommend Movies to Me – Both sites have a section that says ‘because you watched …’ or something like that, where they recommend movies based on what I’ve seen before. I want to watch more movies from that section. I’ve already started this by watching Jumanji a couple of days ago!
  3. Blog more – Again a goal I had last year, but one I want to continue this year. I’ve decided that if I have not intensively picked up blogging halfway through the year, I will cancel my domain and go back to a free blogging website, as it’s a waste of money to keep a domain if I don’t blog.
  4. Really try to write more reviews – Ugh I’m just so horrible at writing reviews. But I really really really want to try again. Does anyone have any tips?
  5. Make more pictures – Not just Bookstagram pictures, but just pictures in general. Pictures of things I’m doing, cosplay pictures, pictures of my cats, pictures when I’m with my friends – I want more pictures!
  6. Really really clean my room – Again, another repeat of last year. But this time I have a sort of system. I’ve put stuff in trash bags and I will go through a bag every now and then to clean things up. Because I know I get tired too soon for me to properly clean my room in one go. This is a very good way for me to do it, albeit a bit slow.

So, what are your goals? Do you think you’ll be able to fulfil them this year?

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