{TBR Wheel} • February TBR

{TBR Wheel} • February TBR

Last year, I kind of forgot how to make a TBR. I am not really a mood reader, and I have so many books that sometimes I just really don’t know what to read. Then, I found some cool TBR games on Youtube. Like Becca’s Bookopoly, Jade’s TBR Pursuit and my favourite, Codie’s TBR Wheel. Because I had so much trouble with my own TBR, I decided to make my own TBR Wheel. I tried it with a cardboard wheel at first, but that didn’t work out the way I wanted to. Eventually, I found this wheel on the Ikea website, which I bought and customised to fit my needs. And today, I am going to share my February TBR (or part of it, at least, as I’ve decided to pick only 5 books with my wheel).

A little explanation of how my wheel works. As you can see (in the gifs below), I have a wheel with 24 spokes. I decided to use twelve of those for the actual prompts, which I will switch up every month (removing the prompts that got chosen and adding new ones). The other twelve spokes are for genres, some of which I read a lot of (sci-fi, fantasy) and some I don’t read that much (contemporary, classics, etc). I also have twelve colours on my wheel, which I can use for any colour prompts (like ‘pick a book with this colour on the spine). The letters are there for the ‘random letter’ prompt, where I’ll pick a book that starts with that letter (or maybe an author’s last name).

I am still figuring out how to share the actual picking, for now, I’ve decided to make gifs of the videos, but I might change things up the following months! If you have any suggestions, let me know!

The Prompts

My first prompt was Signed but Unread, which means I need to pick a book that I got signed by the author (either by meeting them, buying it from a store or getting it from a book box) but have not read yet. For this round, I decided to go with A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab, which I got signed by her when she was in my country. It is also my last book on the Winter Magical Readathon, so that’s a good thing!

This prompt got replaced by ‘TBR Veteran’.

The second prompt was to continue or finish a series. I actually forgot I already had this prompt for January, but I decided to just go with it. For the prompt, I picked The Empty Grave by Jonathan Stroud, because it’s the last book in the series and I want to know how it ends! (I am also scared to find out how it ends because I love these characters so much!)

This prompt got replaced by ‘Beautiful Cover’.

My third prompt was my first genre-pick: Horror. I had to actually think about this, because I don’t own a lot of horror books, but I ended up picking Wilder Girls by Rory Power. (The way I pick this is just to go to Goodreads and check what the five ‘genres’ are that are on the book’s page. I am going to try and sort my books by genre in some sheet or something so picking a book based on a genre will be easier in the future).

Prompt number four is a book with a One-Word Title and I actually found it difficult to pick a book for this. I had multiple options, but they were all sequels to books I had read a while ago and I wasn’t sure if I remembered enough of those books to pick up the sequel. So I did the only thing I could think of and picked the first book in a new series because why not. I ended up with Skyward by Brandon Sanderson!

This prompt got replaced by Released this Year.

And the last prompt is another genre, which is Mystery! I decided to pick a reread for this one, as I want to pick up the second book but don’t remember much of the first one. So I’ll be rereading Truly Devious by Maureen Johnson!

So here is part of my February TBR! Now I am going to try and read ten books a month, so I’ll pick five more books throughout the month of February to read. There were a couple more books I wanted to read this month that I couldn’t fit into this tbr (should I pick more books with the wheel or not?) so I’ll try and read those as well, but the wheel books have the priority, of course!

How did I do last month?

Last month I had some trouble with the wheel so I ended up picking five prompts myself for which I picked these books: The Archived, De Zwendelprins, The Storm Runner, The Creeping Shadow, The Disasters. While writing this post I am still in the middle of two books, but I’ve finished three already! I still have a week to finish those two books, so I have high hopes (though I won’t be too stern with myself if I don’t finish them before January ends).

Do you have a cool way of picking your TBR or are you a mood reader?

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