Behind the Scenes #1

Behind the Scenes #1

Yes, we’re starting over again! With my deleting all my old posts, I have also deleted all the Behind the Scenes posts. So I can now start all over again and hopefully keep it up a bit better. For now, I’ll be posting pictures of the entire month, but next month I’m thinking about making it bi-weekly again. So let’s dive into the pictures!

I started off 2020 with my best friends, the Top 2000 and some nice drinks. We played a lot of Pokémon Sword/Shield and even got a shiny Magikarp in the game.

Then, the next morning, I caught my first shiny of the year – a shiny Scyther! I’ve been wanting to get one of them for SO LONG and I finally got one, ahhh!

Of course, the first thing I did in 2020 was set my new reading goal. I also started two books I was very excited about (Siege and Storm was a reread). Unfortunately, Goodreads had a little bit of a glitch and I couldn’t update my reading process on the website. (They fixed it pretty quickly though).

Maki has found a new place to sleep – my desk. He doesn’t want to lie on my bed or my lap (when I’m at my desk) but my messy desk was apparently very comfortable! (I have since cleaned it, so don’t worry he’s not lying on cables anymore).

My uncle and aunt are travelling through Europe and they found a shop in Spain that sold Funkos. They asked me if there was any of them I still needed and I saw this Venomized X-23 that I just HAD TO HAVE!

I received my new TBR wheel in the mail and decided to customise it a bit. I couldn’t paint it (because I also just don’t own those colours) so I decided to just add coloured circles for the colour prompt, and letters for the random letter prompt.

I found my old Pokémon cards again, so now I own five different Totodile cards! I also have one Croconaw and one Feraligatr card, so I have the family complete!

One of my friends sent me a nice little (belated) Christmas present. Because it was so busy around Christmas time, I didn’t get it until January but I’m so so happy because I really wanted to read this book! Thank you, Danie! ❤

There was such a lovely double rainbow one day, unfortunately by the time I got to a good photography spot, one had disappeared and the other had become less bright already. Still, it looks pretty doesn’t it?

Another friend sent me a present from my Amazon wishlist, but unfortunately, Amazon screwed up a bit. They sent me a knife and a Spanish book instead. And boy it took a while for this stuff to be fixed oh my gods.

Look at this cute shiny party boy! I caught this one during the first Pokémon Go event of the year! I was secretly hoping for a shiny Wurmple with a party hat, but I, unfortunately, wasn’t that lucky.

Primark released a Stranger Things line and I ended up buying a couple of things. I also have a white jumper with the same letter print and a red pair of pyjama pants that goes along with the grey shirt.

This thing is originally for organising make-up, but I realised my Stabilo highlighters fit in the little slots perfectly. I added all the colours I use for annotating, and some others to fill up the spaces. And I finally have a spot to put my remotes so I won’t lose them again.

Isn’t this the best Hobbit cover you’ve ever seen? I was talking to a couple of friends about cool covers of translations and I mentioned this Dutch cover – and the fact that I thought it was super rare and expensive. But a friend found it for €2,50! There is a crease in the cover but honestly, I think that just adds to the aesthetics!

Went out to dinner with a couple of friends to celebrate one friend’s birthday. We went to Wagamama which was really nice and I think I found a new favourite dish (that I’ll probably order every time we go there, lol).

Finally, finally, after much waiting and many emails to Amazon, my gift from Jude arrived on my doorstep! I am so excited about this book! It’s a prequel to Rogue One which tells the story of how Galen Erso and Krennic met and started working together. Thank you, Jude! ❤

I love my cats so much! ❤

I started filming my February TBR wheel; which I’ve posted in gif-form on my blog already. I think I might just stay with this method, because there’s no way I’m going to start a booktube channel, and the gifs will be too big for Twitter.

“Wanna come over for dinner?” “Sure, what are we having?” “Idk. Pizza?” “Pizza.”

Originally, my sister and I were going out for sushi and a movie together. Then, she kind of tricked my parents into coming along for the sushi. And then we decided we were too full from the sushi and just went home instead of going to see a movie. Oh well, at least we had an amazing dinner!

And that concludes January! Hopefully, February will be a lot fuller with pictures and I’ll be able to make it bi-weekly!

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