January Wrap-Up & February TBR

January Wrap-Up & February TBR

The first month of the year is over (and has been for a week already but I’ve been away so that’s why this is late) and I’m about to wrap up the month and tell you about the things I’ve read and seen in the month of January!

Books Read

Honestly, January was a good reading month! I read a bunch of new books, and only reread one! I’ve decided to try and not reread as many books as I did last year (I think it was over 50). I read all the books I picked for my TBR Wheel (albeit through picking the prompts from a mug instead of through the wheel) and I also read the majority of my books for the Winter Magical Readathon. I now have only one book left, that I hope to read next month!

You can view my ratings for these on Goodreads!

Movies/TV Shows Seen

As for movies, I’ve not watched a lot. I’ve seen two movies in the cinema and watched one movie Netflix recommended to me (a challenge I set myself). I also decided that 2020 was the year of watching the movies on my old watchlists that I never ended up watching for that year.

You can view my ratings for each of these on Trakt.TV!

Book Haul

Ok, so I actually bought/received a lot of books in January because no one stopped me. So I’ve decided to not add pictures and just mention the books I bought and the books I received.

Books Bought
Books Received
Next Month

February is the month in which I go to Edinburgh (or actually went, cuz by the time I post this, I will have been there and back again). It’s also the month in which I hope to find a new job, as the company I worked for for the past eight years has been taken over by another company and I decided not to move along with them.

I hope to read another 10 books at least, and I have picked five books through my TBR wheel, which I’ve made a post for. As for the other five books, I decided to just pick 5 books I’m interested in. I also have two tbr jars – one for ebooks and one for physical books. I actually forgot to use them for my February tbr but will do so for my March tbr!

TBR Wheel books: A Darker Shade of Magic, The Empty Grave, Wilder Girls, Skyward, Truly Devious
Other books: The Guinevere Deception, The Last Wish, Race to the Sun, Catalyst, The Helm of Darkness

How did your January go? Did you read all the books you put on your TBR?

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