Behind the Scenes #4

Behind the Scenes #4

March was so uneventful that I ended up waiting until the end of the month to post a behind the scenes post. I now have a bunch of pictures to show you, so I’ll keep this introduction short! Let’s look at March!

I put together a quick Ferius Parfax cosplay for Dutch Comic Con because I was feeling pretty slumpy when it came to cosplay. I tweeted out a little rant and a friend thought Ferius might look nice on me. So I did the thing! Comic Con was cancelled, of course, so I never wore it outside of this moment, but I’ll keep it for another time!

I got this amazing aromantic t-shirt (I mean it’s probably got a completely different meaning but I saw it and immediately was like ‘I need this). On the back, it has the same symbol and ‘not you’ written below it.

The shop I got my other ATLA Funko’s from finally had Sokka in stock again (or maybe they’ve had him for a while but I only just now checked). So I bought him to complete my collection! Now I have to wait for the Legend of Korra Funko’s to come out!

Went for a couple of drinks with my mum, sisters and sister’s boyfriend to discuss some things. (Unfortunately, our plans got foiled by the Thing™.

Tanja and I went fabric shopping and one stall had this AMAZING Coco fabric. It was €15 a meter but it was totally worth it, I bought 3 meters, even though I have no idea what to make with it! (Maybe a totebag or a booksleeve).

Looked around for some inspiration for my Alina cosplay. I might use something like this for the ‘buttons’ to close up my Kefta.

Hmm guess I really love this book, don’t I? I love looking at a book with all these page tabs in them. I did end up removing them after going through with the highlighters, but I just had to take a picture of the way they looked.

WHY does this ALWAYS happen when I open a package? Ugh.

Went to see my new nephew! Tanja got a hamster and named him Link. I love him.

We decided to watch a horror movie on Friday the 13th but honestly, both movies we watched (Slenderman and Child’s Play) were not at all scary. I had seen Child’s Play before and really enjoyed it but it was more of a gory movie than a scary one.

Finally picked up the Rise of Kyoshi! And I ended up loving it so so much! Can’t wait for the sequel, which I believe comes out in July this year!

I cannot escape this disease, can I? (It was actually used to indicate a crown, I believe, but still). (This book was also talking about a plague that had killed a lot of elves and ahhhhhhhhhhhh).

We had a little visitor! She was very curious as to what I was doing (getting rid of plastic and paper I had been collecting in my room for a while). (And yes, it’s a girl, we’ve asked).

Nori wanted to lie down next to me when I was reading in bed.

I have such amazing friends! I shared my Amazon wishlist on Twitter in this thread of people sharing their wishlist, and two of my friends bought me books! I had been wanting to continue the Miss Peregrine’s series for a while now, so now I can! And I wanted to collect these amazing editions of the Artemis Fowl books, one of my favourite series I am currently rereading/finishing.

My sister baked an apple pie!

On a whim, I decided I was going to reorganise my shelves. I decided to go back to the rainbow but start with white instead. I really like the way this looks, somehow it looks a lot prettier than if I had started with red.

Of course, clean bookshelves mean cats will climb them…

I wanted to finish off this bottle (there was just a little bit left) but I didn’t want to go downstairs to grab a glass. Then I remembered I have most of my mug collection in my room…

Let’s all take a moment to think about this poor poor copy of The Lost Hero. I butchered it so I could make an aesthetic background for Instagram.

SO MANY MEMORIES! I found my folder with HobbitCon/RingCon pictures again and I shed a little tear when I saw this picture. I miss these people so so much!

I was totally cleaning up my clothes, totally!

My sister and I were allowed to buy one bottle of booze each, my gran would pay for them. Instead of going to the shop, we decided to order some. We got this massive box for just two bottles and ended up making it into a little cat house.

CATFIGHT. I can never put these two together. They will be nice to each other at first but start slapping each other seconds later. *sighs*

The cat that’s always too scared to be in my room… He was sitting by my window! He actually jumped ON MY BED to reach the window… I can’t.

And then, of course, he had to climb the shelves as well. What is it with cats and bookshelves?

Our little ‘adoptive’ cat got stuck in the fence. What. An. Idiot.

My sister and her boyfriend bought me Mario Kart for my birthday (really early birthday present) so we could play online together. This is literally all I’ve been playing since I got it.

I caved and bought the ‘expensive’ blue light glasses. I bought a pair from Aliexpress a while back to try them out and they are really nice. So now I decided to just go and invest in a ‘real’ pair of glasses (aka not plastic-feeling ones).

My TBR for the OWLs readathon taking place in April! I have already changed some books, but I still kind of want to read all of these books in April, even if they won’t count for the prompts anymore.

And that is the end of March! How was your month? How are you holding up with the shitshow that the world is now?

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