{Fairyloot Unboxing} • May 2020: Desert Dreams

{Fairyloot Unboxing} • May 2020: Desert Dreams

I’ve decided I am going to share my Fairyloot unboxings on my blog as well, for the sake of having some content every month! So in this post, I am going to unbox the Fairyloot box for May! The theme was Desert Dreams and had items inspired by books that have a desert vibe (honestly this book probably would have been ideal for the Desertathon I did last month) Naturally, this post will be filled with spoilers in case you haven’t received your May Fairyloot box yet!

The first thing my eyes landed on was this tin, which has a beautiful quote from We Hunt the Flame by Hafsah Faizal on it. I read this book last month and enjoyed it, though it wasn’t my favourite. You can use this tin to store your tea, trinkets or in my case something else we got in this box. Designed by: ChattyNora.

The next item I saw was this wooden spoon, which made me very excited! I still live at my parents’ house, but hopefully, I’ll be able to move out when I get a good job again (though with Covid still going around I am not expecting much). But this means I’ll already have some things I can take with me for the kitchen! The quote on this is from Hero at the Fall by Alwyn Hamilton, which is the third book in one of my favourite desert vibe series! Designed by: KDP Letters.

And that’s why the next item made me very happy as well! I have to admit, I didn’t love the City of Brass when I read it last month, but I love the aesthetics and I love this tea towel! I’ll certainly be using it, though at this very moment my cat is kind of using it as a pillow. Designed by: EvieBookish.

Another item in this box was this (sun)glassses pouch. Of course, you can use it for other things (pens, make-up brushes) but I think I will put my blue-light glasses in this. I have a different pouch for that, but this has a quote from the Forbidden Wish on it, which is a new favourite book of mine! Designed by: Kitstercronk.

Then I saw this candle which is inspired by An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir and created by Wick and Fable. I love the smell, though I have no idea what it is exactly (it’s not on the candle nor on the card), but I think this will be the next one I burn.

The last item in the box was this bag of ‘Magic Desert Sand’, which isn’t inspired by a book but just inspired by the desert in general. I love the smell of this and though I don’t really have a bath anymore, I might still find a use for this! The bath salts were made by Little Heart Gifts.

The Tarot card this month were inspired by Throne of Glass and I believe these are Rowan and Aelin (correct me if I’m wrong). I don’t know if these are the last ToG tarot cards, but we’ve had six now so I guess that’ll be it. The art was designed by Gabriella Bujdoso.

And now, we’re onto the book which was Girl, Serpent, Thorn by Melissa Bashardoust. Apparently, this won’t be released until somewhere in July, which I didn’t notice until I tried to (discreetly) add it to Goodreads. I always try to wait before I add the Fairyloot book to Goodreads, just to avoid spoilers (I especially wait with changing it to the FL edition).

Fairyloot’s edition has an exclusive cover, sprayed edges, art on the reverse of the dust jacket and is signed by the author. And it is BEAUTIFUL. I love the pink, I love the green sprayed edges and I love love love the snake!

So there you have it, my May Fairyloot unboxing! Did you receive this box as well?
What item did you love the most? For me, I think it’s the tin and of course the book. 

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