{Behind the Scenes} • June 2020

{Behind the Scenes} • June 2020

Well well well, another month has gone. We’re officially halfway through the year, and what have I done? Absolutely nothing. Honestly, I’m getting pretty… stir crazy I guess? But it looks as if things are starting to open up more in my country, though I am afraid this whole virus is far from gone. Anyway, let’s wrap up June today, with some behind the scenes footage!

I went to my sister’s house for a barbeque and some drinks and I got these self-knit Slytherin socks from Manon (a friend) who was also there with her sister. They’re too warm for now but they’ll be perfect for Winter!

These are all the books I physically own that are written by black authors. (That I know of, because I honestly hardly ever look at what an author looks like, so I might have more). I certainly want to improve this, but I feel like I first need to have read all of these before I allow myself to buy more books (just in general too, tbh, I have way too many unread books).

And these are all the books I own that have asexual, aromantic, demisexual, demiromantic, grey sexual and grey romantic characters in them. I have read the majority of these, though most of the books in the top row are still unread.

I got the new expansion pack for the Sims, yay! I very much loved the trailers when they were released and I watched a live stream where they explained a lot more about the pack and that got me very excited! I am currently doing a Super Sim challenge, which I might blog about in the future.

Disney’s lying on her son’s paw. Apparently it’s a nice pillow.

Ok, well – I pre-ordered the Forbidden Planet exclusive edition of Aurora Burning because I loved the way the yellow looked and it was the only signed, exclusive edition I could find that was in stock. It got shipped on 4 May (release date) and it did not arrive. And then Illumicrate announced they had more of their exclusive edition in stock, and I immediately ordered it (just in case). This book arrived within a week. They were both shipped from the UK. *sighs* (At the moment I am writing this post, the FP edition has also arrived, after two months).

I finally cleaned up my shoe mess, got rid of a couple of pairs and found a bunch of shoes that had only one in the pair. I don’t know what I’m going to do with them, because I am certain at least half of them have the other one lying somewhere in my room. For now, I’ll keep my shoes like this, but I have plans to store them in the future!

Hmmmmmmmmmm pizza. There is just something about a simple pepperoni/salami pizza.

This balloon is still going strong, wow. (4 July update: it’s still ‘flying’ but it’s getting a bit saggy now).


Nori had apparently found some new animal to play with. We thought it was a mouse so we were like ‘ok do your thing’ cuz we’ve had mice in our house for a bit and no one is really fond of them. But a couple of days later, I found out it was actually a mole which I, of course, attempted to save from Nori’s wrath. Unfortunately, the mole didn’t make it, but I tried my best at least.

My parents went to Texel for a day and brought back this little sheep, which I’ve named Freddy.

I put these gorgeous prints in frames, finally! I got the Hogwarts print from Book Roast’s shop and the Six of Crows print I got for my birthday from the lovely Muzi! No idea what shop she got it from though, but I am definitely in love with it!

We purchased a treadmill because none of us are really getting out of the house and I started to feel it in my legs every time I did get up and do something. I have walked a bit but then we got a little heatwave so I haven’t walked since, but I am going to pick it up this week again!

This is my tbr for the Grishaverse readathon. Of course, I have books picked out for every prompt, but these are my main ones, the ones I’ll be concentrating on. Not pictured is Prisoner of Azkaban because I decided to switch teams (cuz my fav team had so many members already and the others were falling behind, I bit the bullet and joined the Triumvirate).

And my TBR for the Four Nations readathon, which is very blue and 100% a coincidence. I joined the water tribe, and I will try to get to level 5 this month at least.

Finally a delicious McDonalds McMuffin! I am so in love with these breakfast items, oh my god.

My dad, sisters and I decided to go to Giethoorn, which is a tourist attraction (as well as an actual village where actual people live) and rent a boat. Look at the little ducklings!

This was an ideal trip because we were on a boat with just the four of us, and no one else (I mean there were other people, but they were on their own boats).

Sent this picture to my mum (who stayed at home) and I think I already had a bit of a sunburn here (nothing too bad though, luckily).

How I would love to live on that island, with a Pokéstop right on top of my house and no one else who will bother you. (I think it’s a holiday residence and you could rent it)

Even Aslan is wearing a facemask (yes he should cover his nose as well but still). If Aslan can do it, so can you.

Oh, how I’ve missed this! Restaurants were opening up again in June, so we decided to make a reservation after our trip to Giethoorn. I could eat a million yakitori omg.

Can you tell I love salmon a lot?

No shiny left behind – but man did I not want this shiny.

Random cat I met on the street while walking back from my grandma’s house. It’s SO FLUFFY!

It was so hot in my room that I decided to purchase a fan. Best. Purchase. Ever. (Next to the bedtable that I bought in the same purchase).

There were some thunderstorms and Punky is a pussy (quite literally).

Sleepy little Disney. She sometimes has a (bad) dream and then meows until I sit next to her and pet her.

My Sim won the lottery? She got a million Simoleons, which is awesome cuz she was kind of broke.

I decided to remove and unhaul a bunch of books off my shelves that I am either not going to reread or not read at all. I think I have a little over 100 books in these bags. Not sure what to do with them, though.

Look at my pretty shelves! As you can see, I even have some empty shelf space! Time to buy more books! (Just kidding).

And that concludes June! How was your month?

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