Futhark Chooses My TBR

Futhark Chooses My TBR

Most people that know me well, know that I love mythology. My favourites are Greek/Roman and Norse mythology. I’ve always been fascinated with the Futhark runes and have been looking for a nice set of runestones for ages. At the beginning of this year, I found a pretty set on Etsy from KomalCrystals and received the set a couple of days ago (COVID delays, damn you).

As you also might know, I have a TBR wheel (which will get a make-over soon), which will make up my TBR each month, and I decided to make an addition. (I will make a full post about this as soon as my wheel is assembled again). But I thought it might be nice to make a little TBR game with the runes as well. Basically what I’ll do is, I’ll pull one rune each month and I’ll either read a book corresponding to the letter or the prompt I’ve made up. Below, I’ll talk about the runes, which letters they correspond to, the rune’s meaning and the prompt I’ve made up that fits that meaning.

The Runes

Now, I can understand that not everyone is the proud owner of a set of runestones – so I made a little random rune generator for you. You can find it in my sidebar, or on its own little page right here! Just refresh the page (ctrl+r or f5) for a new rune/prompt!

F – Fehu (wealth) – Title/author starting with F
Read a recent purchase

U – Uruz (aurochs) – Title/author starting with U
Read a book with an animal companion

TH – Thurisaz (giant) – Title/author that has ‘th’ in it
Read a big book (over 500 pages)

A – Ansuz (god) – Title/author starting with A
Read a mythology (retelling)

R – Raidho (riding) – Title/author starting with R
Read a book that features a way of transportation

K – Kenaz (ulcer) – Title/author starting with K
Read a book that might make you sad/cry

G – Gebo (gift) – Title/author starting with G
Read a book that was gifted

W – Wunjo (joy) – Title/author starting with W
Read a book that might make you happy/laugh

H – Hagalaz (hail) – Title/author starting with H
A book that has water (or weather) on the cover

N – Nauthiz (need/hardship) – Title/author starting with N
A cover buy (basically a book I bought because I saw the cover and felt I needed it)

I – Isa (ice) – Title/author starting with I
Read a wintery book (i.e. a book that has a wintery title, cover or themes in the book itself)

J – Jera (year/harvest) – Title/author starting with J
Read a seasonal read (i.e. book that takes place in a season, or a book that gives me a seasonal vibe)

Ï – Eihwaz (yew tree) – Title with a number in it
Book with trees or plants on the cover

P – Perthro (luck) – Title/author starting with P
Read a five-star prediction

Z – Algiz (protection) – Title/author starting with Z
Read a book with a dust jacket

S – Sowilo (sun) – Title/author starting with S
Read a book with a light cover

T – Tiwaz (Tyr) – Title/author starting with T
Read a book featuring a war

B – Berkana (birch tree) – Title/author starting with B
Read a book with green or brown on the cover

E – Ehwaz (horse) – Title/author starting with E
Read a book with a land animal on the cover

M – Mannaz (man) – Title/author starting with M
Read a book with a non-human character

L – Laguz (water) – Title/author starting with L
Read a book featuring the elements

NG – Ingwaz (Ing) – Title/author that has ‘ng’ in it
Read a contemporary (A little explanation: Ing or Yngvi is another name for the god Freyr, who is the god of peace and fertility, rain, and sunshine, and I kind of associate that with contemporary/romance)

O – Othala (inheritance) – Title/author starting with O
Read one of the oldest books on your TBR

D – Dagaz (day) – Title/author starting with D
Read a short book(something you can finish within a day)

There is also something called ‘the blank rune’, of which I also have one on my set, so I decided to use the rest of our alphabet letters for the title/author part (because not all of our alphabet letters have a corresponding rune) and I added a prompt as well:

Wyrd (The Blank Rune/Odin) – Title/author starting with C, Q, V, X or Y
Free pick (or let a friend pick a book for you)

And those are my little prompts. I got most of my information regarding the runes and their meanings from both Wikipedia and this book I own about runes, so I am going to assume they’re correct. I did find some meanings were different, so I went with the one I could fit a prompt to easily. 

If anyone thinks this sounds cool, you’re 100% welcome to join me, let me know which rune you get! 

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