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2021 Goals

It’s the beginning of a new year, so of course, I am going to make a list of things I would love to do more of in 2021. I’ve thought of ten things – five bookish, five personal – that I want to make an effort of doing this year, and y’all can personally hold me accountable if I don’t hold myself to any of these, ok? So let’s get into the 2021 goals, shall we?


Buy less, read more – Hello, my name is Nessa, I’m 28, and I have a book buying problem. Honestly, yes, buying books makes me happy, but what doesn’t make me happy is that they then sit on my shelves, unread, for ages. For 2021, I’ve picked 42 books (21 physical, 21 ebooks) that I want to prioritise before the year is over. I may allow myself to buy a book for every ten books I’ve finished, but we’ll see about that when we get to it. Other than that, I will only allow myself to buy sequels I’m anticipating (some of which I’ve already pre-ordered), books by my favourite authors and my monthly Fairyloot boxes.

Finish series – I put this on my list every year, and every year I fail. I have so many series I still haven’t finished, some of which I only have one book left to read, and I really want to finish a couple of series this year. A while back, I made a list of some series I really want to finish, and I am definitely going to make an effort to actually finish those. And of course, I’ll try not to start too many new series this year.

Participate in the Fairyloot buddy reads – For the entirety of 2020, I’ve received a Fairyloot box each month, each box containing a book. So far, I’ve read two books that came in those boxes, and two other Fairyloot books (one ordered through their Fairytrove, one an ARC that was an extra in a box). I seriously need to do better. I’ll try my best to read as many of the 2020 Fairyloot books as I can this year, and I will definitely participate in all the Fairyloot buddy reads that they organise for each of the monthly books!

Read more Middle Grade and more adult – I read mostly YA books, and while that is not a bad thing, I want to switch things up a bit more. I want to try and divide my reading into three and read the same amount of Middle Grade, Young Adult and Adult books. I have so many MG and Adult books on my shelves that get pushed aside for YA books and I just want to broaden my horizon.

Get rid of unhaul piles – Somewhere around the time the first lockdown started in 2020, I started reorganising my bookshelves. I took down a bunch of books I either didn’t enjoy, enjoyed but don’t want to reread or haven’t read and lost interest in. I put them in bags, ready to take to thrift stores and little libraries around my town, but almost a year later and they’re still here in my room, taking up valuable space. I really want these books removed from my sight.


Blog more – Haha, yeah, well I know I pick this goal every year, but I really want to try and blog some more. I was actually thinking about moving my blog to a free WordPress blog, and just pay for a domain name instead, but I’m still debating with myself about that. Anyway, I want to start blogging again, possibly blogging about other things than books as well. I also want to start making an effort about writing reviews again, and maybe make some more cosplay content as well (even if I’ve hardly done any cosplay stuff last year). Which brings me to my next goal…

Work on cosplay – I have a bunch of fabrics lying around, that I haven’t done anything with. I got fabrics for a new dress for Skyward Sword Zelda, I got fabrics for Sophie Hatter, Alina Starkov and another Zelda cosplay. I also bought two cosplays last year and haven’t made any pictures with them yet (partly cuz of the lack of snow, but hey there’s always photoshop). It’s unlikely there’ll be conventions in 2021 for at least the first six months, but I want to at least get back into the cosplaying flow.

Find a new job – 2020 has been a pretty shit year when it comes to job hunting. I left my job in January after they merged with another company and I decided I wasn’t going to move with them – I have since tried to find a job but unfortunately, the lockdown has not really worked in my favour. 2021 is going to be my year, though, I can feel it.

Declutter room – Last year, in an effort to clean my room, I put a lot of the stuff in bags, ready to declutter any time I felt like it. Unfortunately, I never felt like decluttering. There are still bags in my room filled with stuff that are taking up space and are filled with junk. I need to get rid of these bags so I can use them for whatever they are meant to be used for.

Be healthier – Not just food-wise, but in general. I want to fix my sleeping schedule, try and go for walks or bike rides (albeit for Pokémon Go) and just stop eating the crap I’ve been consuming in 2020. Let’s face it – I’ll probably never become a vegetarian, but I do want to eat less meat (more chicken and fish, less beef and pork) and try and incorporate more vegetables into my dishes. I hate the taste of a lot of vegetables, but I’ve figured that if they’re in a sauce or in a dish I enjoy, I’ll eat more of it and probably enjoy it more.

That concludes my goals for 2021, we’ll meet again in about a year to see which of these goals I completed!

What are your goals for next year?

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