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To Be Read: October 2021

We’re at the end of September, so I wanted to share my October TBR with you! I have eleven books on my October TBR, and in this post I’ll talk about which books fit in with my TBR for the Ace Race Readathon, which books are for my monthly challenge and which books I picked for my TBR games of the month! So without further ado, here’s my October TBR!

TBR Games

I played two TBR games this month, both of which I made myself. I did my new Marvel TBR game (of which I’ll make a post soon) and I used my Futhark runes as well. I have decided I am allowed to double up between the games (just not within one game, if you get what I mean), so there are doubles!

Marvel TBR

Futhark TBR

The Ace Race

The Ace Race is a month-long readathon that revolves entirely around aspec characters. There are nine prompts, though it’s not mandatory to read all of them (and you can double up). Personally, I have picked a book for each of the prompts, but I am (for now) concentrating on just five of them.

Other options

Old Books October

With a couple of friends, I’m doing a challenge where each month we try and read a couple of books that fit in with a theme. September’s was ‘Series September’, where we tried to continue but mostly finish series because we’re all bad at finishing series! For October, our theme is ‘Old Books October’, where we just read books we already owned (for me, I’ve gone with books I owned before 2021, which is relevant for the November theme).

So that concludes my TBR for the month of October! Have you read any of these books? Which one do you recommend I start with? What’s on your TBR for October?


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