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Marvel TBR: February 2023

It’s a new month, so time for another round of my Marvel TBR game. For this round I played with both Tommy Shepherd and Yelena Belova, which meant I had two different abilities to work with. I am also doing a readathon in February, the Sims Readathon created by Ashley’s Reads. So for this time, I have chosen books that I hope to get to, because they (almost) all fit prompts for the readathon!

Roll number one got me an Avengers tile, which means a genre-ish prompt. I got the NetGalley prompt, for which I have chosen to read Cosplay by Mikko and Maribel Conejero. This will also fit for the Freetime prompt, which is to read a book featuring a character with a hobby! (And seeing as I share this hobby, I thought it would be a perfect pick). 

The next roll got me a Guardians of the Galaxy prompt, which turned out to be the reverse card. What I had to do with this was to grab another card from the pile and do the opposite of what that card said. I got the Deceased Author prompt, so in order to do the reverse, I have to pick a book by an author who is currently still alive. I chose The Dragon’s Promise by Elizabeth Lim, which does not only fit the Sims Readathon prompt of Bon Voyage (featuring a journey, trip or vacation) but also fulfils the yearlong Magical Readathon prompt to read a book with either trees or water on the cover.

My next roll brought Tommy to the Endgame, so I started over with Yelena, my newest addition to the game. Her ability is Espionage, which means I can check ahead where my roll takes me and if I land on a team tile, I can check the top three cards and pick one that I like (if I don’t like any of them, I can roll again). I can use this up to two times per round.

My first roll with Yelena gave me another GOTG prompt, and it gave me the Trans/NB author prompt. For this, I have two options, and both of these would count for the University prompt for the Sims Readathon. They are I Kissed Shara Wheeler by Casey McQuiston and Felix Ever After by Kacen Callender.

This roll got me my first Espionage attempt, because while I like the Inhumans category, I’m usually not a huge fan of it when I’m doing a readathon. However, one of the three cards up top was this Random overall prompt, and I decided to choose between my books under 300 pages (to fit the Apartment Life prompt). It chose City of the Sun by Aisha Bushby for me!

The next two rolls got me through a Portal and onto a roll again tile, so there were no books chosen for any of these rolls, but I did manage to travel quite a bit through the board.

Next roll gave me perhaps one of my favourite cards, because this scene in Far From Home is still one of my favourite scenes ever! I got the prompt to read a book by a Dutch author, and this one is between two books, because I might read Orakel by Thomas Olde Heuvelt, but I’m probably going to borrow a colleague’s book and read Tussen Twee Vuren by Laura Diane. While Orakel might fit the Seasons prompt for the Sims Readathon, I don’t know if the second book will fit that same prompt (I might read something else otherwise).

I got another Infinity Stone! This time it’s the Time Stone, and I will be reading Paper Girls, vol. 2 by Brian K. Vaughan, because it involves time travel!

Next roll got me to roll again, and after that roll again I landed on an X-Men tile, which gave me the prompt to read a book featuring Family (as in, actual family, not a Found Family). I chose The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis which if course involves the Pevensie siblings, and this fits perfectly for my Sims Readathon team prompt, which is Team Pleasant, read a childhood favourite, or a book featuring siblings.

I got a Wildcard! And while I normally don’t choose any books for the Wildcard prompts until the end of the month, I decided to pick The Mysterious Case of the Alperton Angels by Janice Hallett, because it was the only Sims Readathon book I didn’t fit onto this TBR! This would count for the Open for Business prompt (MC has a job you want or have).

Another X-Men prompt, and this time I’m going to read a book that takes place in another world. For this I chose Baker Thief by Claudie Arseneault, which takes place in a fictional city inspired by France and Paris, I believe. This will also count for the Nightlife prompt.

And my last roll for this month gave me the Celeb Author prompt. This is basically an author who was originally famous for something else but wrote a book (whether it’s a fictional book or a memoir). For this one, I let one of my cats pick the book for me, to fit the Pet prompt for the readathon, and she chose The Opposite of Butterfly Hunting by Evanna Lynch for me.

So that concludes my February 2023 Marvel TBR picks! I’ll be back at the end of the month with how I did!

Happy Reading!


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