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Marvel TBR: March 2023

February is over, so it is time for another round of my Marvel TBR game! I played ten rounds and got myself a bunch of prompts to pick books for, so let’s get started in showing you the prompts and the book I’ve chosen (though the book I chose might change throughout the month).

The first roll I did was still with Yelena, but it got me to the Endgame, so I started over again with a randomly picked character, which turned out to be Tommy Shepherd again. His power is the ability of speed, which allows me to use a D20.

My first roll with Tommy got me the First in a Series prompt, for which I chose Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas.

Roll number two got me my first TBR Jar pick for the month, and the random number generator chose Long Time Dead by Sarah Pinborough for me.

The third roll (not really throwing high numbers with this D20, such a shame) gave me the Seasonal Read prompt, for which I am reading The Only Good Indians by Stephen Graham Jones.

I got lucky and got myself a SHIELD card for roll number four and I only have to pick nine prompts now! (And yes I know the die says ‘1’, but I did the rolls before taking the fancy pictures and totally forgot to change the die to the correct number, I totally rolled an 18!).

The next roll gave me a Stan Lee card, which means I can read whatever Marvel comic I want. I am probably going to read the next instalment in the 2023 Scarlet Witch run!

Roll number six gave me the prompt to read a book from a Finished series, and so I picked The New Generation, volume 20 in the Dragon Ball Z manga series by Akira Toriyama.

Roll seven got me another Infinity Stone to earn, and I picked Death of a Warrior, volume 19 of Dragon Ball Z by Akira Toriyama for this one.

The next roll had me pick another book from the TBR jar and it gave me Catherine House by Elisabeth Thomas.

The next to last roll gave me one of my newest cards created, so I have to read a book featuring Werewolves! This one was rather difficult for me to pick, as I don’t own a lot of books featuring werewolves, but my two options are Lobizona by Romina Garber or Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce!

And roll number ten for Tommy got me past the Endgame and had me start the game over with the Scarlet Witch herself. This roll got me a Deadpool Wildcard, so I am keeping my options open for this one!

That concludes my March TBR rolls! I’ll be posting in a Twitter thread once I finish books for this game, and I’ll see you back at the end of the month for April’s rolls, for which I might try out some different things!


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